Stratum brings the first English edition of the Seed Pirates Game to South Africa

Become a pirate, gather your crew, solve the puzzles on the treasure map and steal Captain Hash’s cryptocurrency fille treasure chest and his beloved parrot Sato!

In this time while we are spending more time at home, either by ourselves or with our family, why not fill the time with a fun activity which will also earn you some cryptocurrency reward.

To assist in this mission, Stratum and Stratum Advanced Wallet (SAW) is bringing the first English version of the game Seed Pirates, a free online competition with prizes in cryptocurrency.

The ship is ready!

The game has a set date and time to start and the “pirates” (players) must unravel riddles that will lead to the discovery of the 12 words “seeds” to open Captain Hash’s chest filled with cryptocurrencies. To take part in this adventure is easy. Simply sign up with a valid email address at and start receiving tips and wild cards which will be useful on the day of the game to be used for confirmations and extra clues.

It is also important to join the telegram group on the game portal and on the SAW platform to receive tasks to be completed to earn extra wild cards. 

The treasure map, which contains the 12 riddles to be solved, will be open to players on November 28th at 4 p.m. (South Africa time). There is no deadline, but whoever gets the 12 words correct and in the correct sequence will be able to open Captain Hash’s treasure chest – our main character – and will be able to collect via a QR code, the cryptocurrency prize (SAW credit and BTC, totaling 250USD). For that, it is necessary that the players have their wallet details on hand at the moment of the riddle completion. If other pirates open the chest while you are getting your wallet details, they will be able to take the prize.

All the word possibilities will be available in a dictionary to be released within the portal a few days before the game starts. Each puzzle can only be answered with one chosen word, which must also be spelled correctly. 

Seed Pirates, a popular game in Argentina and other Latin American countries, simulates a cryptocurrency portfolio, where the investor needs twelve key words or “seeds” to access the cryptocurrency content. It creates an educational platform in a fun, group setting where people new to the concept of cryptocurrency has the opportunity to learn more about a specific cryptocurrency product, while solving the pieces of a puzzle.

In this particular game, we will be introducing Stratum Advanced Wallet (SAW).

Are we going to beat the global record of 2500 people playing Seed Pirate at the same time??

We are counting on you!

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